Do’s and Don’ts After Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Do’s and Don’ts After Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

October 1, 2022

An impacted or severely infected wisdom tooth may lead to oral health complications and requires extraction. The wisdom tooth becomes impacted due to insufficient space in your dental arch, limited jaw growth, or improper alignment. If the impacted wisdom tooth isn’t extracted, it may cause interference.

After wisdom tooth extraction in Courtice & Oshawa, ON, our specialists provide you with ideal tips to enhance quick recovery. This article provides instructions to follow for speedy recovery after dental extraction of your wisdom tooth.

Best Practices After A Wisdom Tooth Extraction

It’s crucial to follow personalized instructions to ensure you recover fast, and here are the ideal instructions to follow:

Bite On Gauze To Enable Blood Clotting

After wisdom tooth extraction, your dentist should place gauze on the socket to enhance clotting. After a blood clot, you should remove and discard the gauze pad to avoid contamination or infection. If you bleed profusely, bite on a new gauze pad to exert the pressure needed for clotting. If your sockets bleed excessively, you need to seek emergency dental services. Additionally, you should avoid chewing the gauze.

Elevate Your Head To The Right Posture

It’s advisable to avoid working for at least 24 hours after emergency wisdom tooth extraction. Engaging in routine activities may tamper with your blood pressure and cause bleeding to recur. Elevating your head on an upward trajectory is imperative to reduce swelling and bleeding.

Use Ice Packs To Prevent Facial Swelling

Ice packs are crucial after an extraction since they prevent swelling and bruises. The socket and the affected part of your face may swell immediately after the extraction procedure. Facial swelling may proceed for several days, but the ice packs effectively suppress swelling during the extraction’s first day. You must use ice packs for about 15 minutes after the wisdom tooth extraction procedure.

Eat Soft Foods

While the socket is numb, you must take soft foods for the next 24 hours. After that, your dentist in Courtice may recommend soups, yogurt, and other milk products. Hard foods can cause damage and bleeding.

Take Recommended Pain Relievers Prescribed

After an emergency wisdom tooth extraction, your dentist may recommend you to take pain relievers. It’s prudent to follow the prescription without skipping it. Recommended antibiotics prevent inflammation and infections.

What Should You Avoid After Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

You also need to avoid some habits after wisdom teeth removal, including:

Don’t Brush Your Teeth For 24 Hours After The Extraction

Brushing after wisdom teeth extraction can lead to excessive bleeding and slacken the healing process. After healing, you need to brush gently to avoid hurting the socket from which your wisdom tooth has been extracted.

Avoid Spitting Or Sucking With A Straw

Using a straw to drink beverages causes pressure and bleeding, and the suction may dislodge the clot. If you have a dry socket, you need to seek help from your specialist.

Don’t Take Alcohol Or Smoke For 72 Hours

Carbonated drinks, alcohol, and caffeine can be harmful after an emergency wisdom tooth extraction. Tobacco use also delays your healing and heightens the risk of complications. Smoking cigarettes and chewing gum can also dislodge your clot. Therefore, you must avoid nicotine, suction, and smoking to enhance quick healing.

Undergo Scrutiny Of Your Medical History

You should notify your dentist if allergen affects you or have underlying health issues. Sneezing due to allergic reactions can delay healing. Additionally, underlying health issues may lead to further complications.

Don’t Drink Hot Beverages Or Chew Hard Foods

Hot beverages can lead to swelling and dislodge the clot. Also, chewing hard foods can cause bleeding, so you need to avoid them.

Wrap Up

After wisdom tooth pull-out, you need to follow all the guidelines your dentist provides. At Brightway Dental, we ensure you follow the right tips to avoid severe complications and find quick recovery. It’s important to prevent workouts but get enough rest to enhance the healing process. Once you follow the good practices, the socket from which the wisdom tooth has been extracted will heal faster. After undergoing wisdom tooth extraction in Courtice & Oshawa, ON, we ensure you have the right tips for quick recovery. Don’t hesitate to visit us if you have an impacted wisdom tooth.

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