Is Oral Sedation the Right Choice for Your Dental Anxiety?

Is Oral Sedation the Right Choice for Your Dental Anxiety?

August 1, 2023

Sedation dentistry helps establish and provide a relaxing and anxiety-free experience if you are too scared to visit dental offices to receive essential dental care to avoid the common apprehension known as dental phobia. The dental organization for conscious sedation mentions patients can receive safe and comfortable anxiety-free dental care if affected by fears of dental visits.

Dental anxiety affects approximately 30 percent of the Canadian and American population, causing them to avoid visiting dentists to receive routine dental care, potentially compromising the functionality and health of their mouth and smile.

Sedation Dentistry Defined

If you are among the many with dental anxiety and avoid dental visits because of the all too common dental phobia, you may require expensive dental therapies costing thousands instead of spending or avoiding unnecessary expenditure by discussing your fears with a friend or family member or researching sedation dentistry to overcome your dental phobia to receive dental treatments you ignore. You can receive help from sedation dentistry in Courtice & Oshawa, ON, for help to ease your fears.

Sedation is a procedure that helps establish a relaxed, calm and comfortable state using sedatives such as tranquillizers, antianxiety medications, depressants, and nitrous oxide administered in various ways. Earlier IV sedation was the predominant technique used to sedate patients with needles delivering sedatives through the arm. While IV sedation is safe when administered by an experienced professional, sedation dentistry offers an even more conducive experience to quell your fears.

Sedation dentistry offers a no-needle approach to create a comfortable experience ensuring you do not remember your appointment. Sedation dentistry makes you feel like you slept through your dental work while, in reality, the sedatives maintain a consistent level in you for safety and cooperation. The dentist can wake you up with a gentle nudge if required during your treatment.

Why Might You Need Sedation Dentistry?

You can benefit from sedation dentistry regardless of age. Dentists routinely recommend dental sedation if you fear visiting dentists because of dental anxiety, have claustrophobia in the dentist’s chair, have special needs like physical, cognitive and behavioural, fear needles, have overly sensitive gag reflexes and have challenges controlling movements.

How Do You Benefit from Sedation Dentistry?

The benefits you accrue from sedation dentistry are numerous. Firstly you think the dentist in Oshawa completed the treatment you required in minutes after spending hours in the dentist’s chair. Therefore dentists can perform complicated dental procedures such as smile makeovers and extensive rebuilding in fewer appointments than necessary.

Sedation dentistry helps address the fears that keep you from visiting your dentist to scheduling dental appointments regularly to make you more likely to receive recommended dental care. The modality makes you likely to care for your oral health to disallow problems to develop in your mouth when invasive treatments become necessary.

Sedation dentistry differs from sleep dentistry, although it is occasionally dubbed as such. In reality, you do not sleep during your dental appointment. However, the effects of the sedatives can make you sleepy and tired. Sedation dentistry enables you to remain awake without recollection of your treatment, indicating you receive mild to moderate sedation and not general anesthesia that renders you unconscious. General anesthesia is best used for surgical procedures on patients considered ineligible for sedation dentistry in hospital settings.

Does Sedation Dentistry Eliminate Anesthesia during Dental Treatments?

Sedation dentistry helps calm nerves to relax you during and before your dental appointment. Dentists administer nitrous oxide, an inhalable for minor procedures, to help relax you. However, if you need painful treatments like deep cleanings, tooth extraction, or root canals, the dentist prescribes sedatives to have an hour before your appointment to arrive at the dental practice fully relaxed.

Regardless of whether you receive sedatives for your dental procedure, it does not help eliminate anesthesia in the mouth to prevent discomfort from the treatment. Therefore you receive local anesthesia in the mouth helpful to block pain impulses from your tooth and gums.

Sedation dentistry helps dentists ease your dental fears by calming your nerves, making you less fearful of dental visits. The modality requires a responsible family member or caregiver to accompany you to and from your dental appointment because the sedatives render you incapable of driving or operating machinery. The sedatives wear off approximately four hours after you return home from the dental office.

If dental anxiety compromises your oral and overall health, sedation dentistry can address the fears to encourage you to receive essential dental care without fearing the dentist, making it a suitable choice to curtail or prevent dental complications in your mouth by receiving timely treatment.

If the fear of the dentist is preventing you from receiving essential dental care, Brightway Dental can help address your concerns with sedation dentistry. A consultation with the practice will help enhance the health and well-being of your mouth and smile. Therefore consider scheduling your meeting with them at the earliest.

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