Pain Relief Solutions for TMJ Offered by Your Courtice Dentist

Pain Relief Solutions for TMJ Offered by Your Courtice Dentist

May 1, 2023

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) is a situation where one feels quite uncomfortable while talking, chewing, speaking, and even laughing. It is not a tooth problem but a jawbone dysfunction. This condition is quite hard to deal with because the jaw bone is not the only one involved but it could have an association with neck muscles also.

This particular situation makes patients severely suffer because it refrains them from their day-to-day regular activities. It causes issues with sleeping also. When it comes to TMJ therapy treatment, it may take weeks to months to cure.

TMJ Relief Methods to Consider

Although the surgical treatment can handle severe TMJ problems efficiently, minor cases are handled easily with the help of following different methods without going for surgery:

Correct the Resting Position of Your Jaw

TMJ pain is associated with your jaw bone and neck muscles. If you are having pain, you should limit the movements like yawning, chewing, yelling, etc. Avoid pressure on your jawbone because excessive pressure may leave you in severe pain. It can increase the symptoms of the problem. Try to keep your muscles relaxed and calm as much as you can.

Improve Your Posture

As you know, joints are associated with the problem. If you sit in one position for a long time, it will start to hurt after some time. When you are working, take a comfortable chair with adequate back support. Always maintain an upright position while driving, reading, and watching TV. You can take a pillow for back support.

You can raise your chest bone, pull your shoulder back and gently straighten your back muscles. This exercise will correct your sitting and standing positions. To know more about different pain-relieving postures and exercises, consult a dentist near Oshawa immediately.

Sleeping Position

Quality sleep is pivotal to attaining good physical as well as mental health. A relaxed sleep helps you to minimize TMJ pain. Sleep on your back with appropriate pillow support. But avoid sleeping on your stomach. While sleeping on one side, don’t take your hand near your jaw.

Hot and Cold Compressions

Both hot and cold compressions have positive effects on relieving TMJ pain. Cold compression helps to reduce swelling and pain. However, hot compression will increase blood flow, which keeps jaw bones relaxed. You should do hot or cold compression for 15 to 20 minutes – the maximum in one go.

Jaw Exercise Practices

Jaw mobility is vital to relieve TMJ pain. There are some exercises and yoga practices that will help you to boost jaw bone mobility. These exercises may include:

  • Stretching exercising.
  • Strengthening exercises.
  • Relaxation exercises.
  • Meditation and more.

Yoga practices are crucial for moving your jawbone and keeping you away from mental stress. If you are facing TMJ problems, this technique can work on you phenomenally.

Stop Bad Tendencies

Some bad habits play a part in increasing TMJ problems. These may include:

  • Nail Biting.
  • Chewing lips as well as cheeks.
  • Teeth Clenching.
  • Teeth Grinding.
  • Resting your jaw on your hands.

All these habits are common. Sometimes, we don’t even notice that we are doing them regularly. These small habits may cause big problems. So try to avoid them from the very first moment you start noticing them. They can be involved in severe TMJ pain problems.

Foods and Activities You Should Avoid

Certain activities force you to open your mouth wide. Excessive movement in your mouth may cause severe TMJ pain. If you are facing TMJ problems, you should avoid the following habits quickly:

  • Stop yelling and yawning.
  • Avoid crunchy and hard foods.
  • Don’t take large bites.
  • Keep your chewing force low.
  • Chewing gums and other similar stuff.
  • Avoid prolonged chewing.

All the mentioned methods are quite effective in soothing TMJ pain. If you are battling with the situation, keep these methods in practice. For severe TMJ problems, different surgical options are available. If you are having movement issues in your jawbone, you should take professional consultation. Professionals are the only ones who can diagnose the problem accurately and provide the most effective solution.

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