Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in Courtice - Oshawa - Bowmanville - Durham Region - Whitby

Dental bridges are personalized restorations consisting of artificial teeth (pontics) to replace missing tooth/teeth. Dental bridges will fill in the gap created by teeth that have been lost. One of our highly skilled dentists near me will help determine the most suitable dental bridge based on your needs.

We evaluate your teeth using the most advanced technology and assess the location, size and shape of the missing tooth/teeth and will fabricate a custom-made dental bridge. Please contact our dentist in Courtice – Oshawa – Bowmanville – Durham Region – Whitby, for more information regarding dental bridges near me.

Dental Bridges in Courtice – Oshawa – Bowmanville – Durham Region – Whitby

Dental bridges are useful and popular restorations to replacing one or more missing teeth. Teeth replacement with dental bridges will help uplift your facial structure, improve your bite, and prevent your jaw and cheeks from sagging. They also prevent the onset of gum disease by plugging the gap between teeth.

When teeth are lost due to trauma, decay, ageing, cavities, or gum disease, they make you appear older and disfigure your appearance. For example, the chin slowly moves forward, and the lips begin to look thin and flattened.

Missing teeth can also cause pouches to develop on either side of the lips, and cracks may form at the corners. Moreover, if the dislodged tooth is not replaced soon, other teeth may begin to rotate and drift out of position to fill the gap. Teeth that have changed from their original position are often harder to clean due to awkward angling and overlapping.

 Please feel free to contact Brightway Dental for an appointment today to learn more about the latest dental bridges.

Benefits of Dental Bridges Near Me

By filling the gaps created by missing one or a few teeth, you will improve the overall healthy-looking smile. In addition, the ability to properly bite, chew and speak will be restored. Dental bridges will prevent teeth from shifting and moving into the gaps. As a result they will maintain the form of the bit and shape of the face.

Our dentists in Courtice – Oshawa – Bowmanville – Durham Region – Whitby can help you if you are missing one or more teeth. Please contact Brightway Dental for information about dental bridges.

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