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Many people avoid visiting a dentist due to paralyzing fear or dental anxiety. For that reason, they don’t keep up with regular oral health checkups. Fortunately, Brightway Dental offers safe sedation dentistry in Courtice – Oshawa – Bowmanville – Durham Region – Whitby. We aim to provide every patient with a comfortable dental experience free of anxiety. Please call our dental office today to learn more. Our team will be happy to answer any question you may have.

Dental Sedation Near Me

It is a common misconception that all sedatives induce sleep. Most sedation dentistry options enable the patient to remain awake but in a relaxed state. Our dental office offers Nitrous Oxide (most commonly known as “laughing gas”) sedation to ease your anxiety for the duration of your visit. That means you will feel at ease from the time you arrive until the completion of your procedure.

Laughing gas is a mild anesthetic that safely and effectively manages pain and anxiety. This gas is inhaled through a small mask that fits over your nose. Patients should feel the effects of the laughing gas within minutes of breathing it in.

Here are some benefits of receiving sedation dentistry near Me:

  • Anxiety-free care
  • Pain-free dental treatments
  • Safe and effective

Laughing gas works so well that patients often cannot recall any smells, sounds, or other details during the procedure. The effects will wear off quickly by breathing pure oxygen through a mask. We still recommend having someone drive you home.

If you have questions or concerns about sedation dentistry in please call Brightway Dental.

Brightway Dental – Oral Sedation

Brightway Dental offers oral sedation dentistry to promote comfort and relaxation when receiving dental treatments and procedures. If you experience anxiety or fear at the thought of seeing a dentist, we recommend that you get sedation dentistry services.

Besides relieving anxiety, our sedation dentistry can make your treatment process more time-efficient. It reduces the time taken in a dentist’s chair since you don’t interrupt the dentist.

Sedation dentistry for Reconstructive Procedures

We utilize sedation dentistry for reconstructive procedures like root canal therapy, large fillings placements and removal, and implant placement. We may recommend our oral sedation dentistry in Courtice – Oshawa – Bowmanville – Durham Region – Whitby, if you need a higher level of relaxation and calm while remaining conscious.

Our oral sedatives help dull your perception of the noisy drills, sturdy extraction forceps and elevator, and painful injections. Talk to us about your dental procedures for oral sedation dentistry. Our oral sedation dentist at Brightway Dental will answer your questions and concerns about this and other numbing agents.

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