Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions in Courtice - Oshawa - Bowmanville - Durham Region - Whitby

Sometimes, a patient needs one or more teeth professionally removed. This is called an extraction. Most patients experience a dental extraction at least once. Tooth Extractions in our Courtice – Oshawa – Bowmanville – Durham Region – Whitby, dental office can be an important part of maintaining and/or restoring oral health.

While decayed, broken or chipped teeth can be fixed with the help of restorations, severely damaged teeth may need to be extracted. Once you visit our trained dentists near me, we will take an x-ray the tooth and determine the most suitable mode of treatment. If the tooth cannot be fixed with root canal therapy or restoration, we may need to perform a tooth extraction.

When Do We Need a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is the process of pulling a tooth from its socket. Tooth extractions in Courtice – Oshawa – Bowmanville – Durham Region – Whitby, may be necessary if:

  • An overcrowded dentition is preventing the formation of a balanced dental arch.
  • An awkwardly angled tooth is damaging surrounding teeth and causing pain.
  • Extensive decay has penetrated the inner tooth chamber, resulting in inflammation and pain.
  • Your wisdom teeth are impacted or decayed.
  • A blow or trauma has affected the tooth roots, and the tooth is damaged beyond repair.
  • Oral plaque has degraded the tooth socket or surrounding bone and loosened the tooth from the socket.

Tooth Extractions in Courtice – Oshawa – Bowmanville – Durham Region – Whitby

Our supportive dentists at Brightway Dental try their best to preserve your natural tooth as far as possible. However, at times, an extraction may be the most effective way to prevent the problem from deteriorating. Oral plaque may spread from the inner chamber to the gums and cause gum disease if the tooth is not extracted on time.

Our dentists in Brightway Dental offers professional dental extractions near me for new and existing patients.

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