White Fillings in Courtice - Oshawa - Bowmanville - Durham Region - Whitby

At Brightway Dental, we use white fillings, which are the most innovative option for restoring teeth. White fillings preserve the natural colour of your teeth for a flawless smile. Their non-metal composition also makes them a healthier choice. With white fillings, more of the tooth is preserved compare to traditional silver amalgam fillings.

As a restorative treatment, fillings should be performed as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the tooth.

White Fillings Near Me

Our dentists near me in Courtice – Oshawa – Bowmanville – Durham Region – Whitby, offer fillings to treat cavities as part of professional general dentistry. One or more of the following could indicate the need for dental fillings:

  • Dark Spots on the Tooth Surface: Bacteria attack the outer layer (the enamel) and then penetrate the softer, inner dentin layer. Once the oral plaque reaches the dentin, the decay begins to spread rapidly, causing inflammation.
  • Tooth Pain: If you experience tooth pain for example while chewing food, it could be caused by a cavity. Even small cavities can cause pain, depending on the location and depth.
  • Tooth sensitivity: Cavities may lead to sensitivity when consuming hot or cold foods. If you experience tooth sensitivity, you may need to visit our dentist near me for a filling.

Dental floss thread may fray or frequently snap at a cavity site. If you experience any form of discomfort or pain, please contact Brightway Dental at the earliest.

How Are Cavities Diagnosed?

Cavities are often silent during the initial stages and may cause pain or sensitivity only when they begin to spread. They are often hidden located between teeth or near the gum line and hidden from view.

 Our trained dentists in Courtice – Oshawa – Bowmanville – Durham Region – Whitby, use advanced diagnostic x-rays to get a clear picture of the location, size and nature of the cavity.

 Delaying Treatment May Cause Further Problems

Cavities have the potential to cause multiple problems if ignored or left untreated. 

  • The pain may deteriorate, and chewing may cause discomfort.
  • Food particles will continue to get stuck in the cavity, and the decay may spread to the gums.
  • The bacterial infection may spread to the tooth pulp and cause inflammation.

 Brightway Dental provides dental crowns, inlays, onlays, and fillings.

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