Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Courtice - Oshawa - Bowmanville - Durham Region - Whitby

If left unremoved, wisdom teeth may present various dental problems. Dentists suggest that patients get these teeth extracted in their late teens or early twenties. Brightway Dental offers wisdom tooth extraction near me if you are seeking infected wisdom tooth extraction. Our skilled team helps relieve pain and other problems associated with wisdom teeth.

Why Get Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Most patients will seek wisdom tooth extraction in Courtice – Oshawa – Bowmanville – Durham Region – Whitby, for these reasons:

  • Not enough room: Most people’s mouths are not as significant to accommodate the extra dentition of wisdom teeth. This isn’t good since it can undo the orthodontic work you have received.
  • Poor eruption: If the tooth comes in incorrectly, our dentist may suggest you have it extracted. An incorrect discharge angle can push the adjacent teeth in twisted and crooked directions. It can even damage the molars permanently. We remove wisdom teeth that have poorly erupted.
  • Painful impacted tooth: An impacted tooth that does not have room to develop is likely to cause pain when attempting to erupt. Removing it can ease the pain.
  • Gum disease and cavities: You are likely to miss cleaning the teeth at the back. As a result, you could have poor oral hygiene in that area, leading to cavities and gum disease.

Sedation for Wisdom Tooth Removal

When it comes to teeth removal, many patients tend to have anxiety about it. Wisdom teeth may seem painful to remove; however, you should not fret about their removal. Brightway Dental has several sedation options available to patients. We help you choose the right sedation so that you remain comfortable as we extract the tooth. We want you to have a healthy experience, physically and mentally, in our office. Our wisdom tooth removal dentist will examine you first before removing the tooth.

Get Your Wisdom Tooth Removed!

If a wisdom tooth threatens your tooth health or is causing misalignment issues, we can extract it. We offer emergency wisdom tooth removal to prevent any further complications. Let us determine whether your wisdom tooth is impacted and if it needs to be extracted.

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