The Importance of Night Guards Recommended by a Dentist Near Me

The Importance of Night Guards Recommended by a Dentist Near Me

March 8, 2023

If you experience frequent jaw pain and headaches that you find challenging to get rid of, you may have condition bruxism causing you to grind, clench, and gnash your teeth. You might do it when sleeping or even awake. You might think bruxism is not severe and causes mild jaw pain and headaches. However, are you aware of the hidden consequences of a problem aggravated? If you don’t, we suggest you continue Reading this article for more information about this common but largely ignored condition.

Bruxism Explained

Bruxism is a disorder that causes you to indulge in teeth grinding and clenching, even when not chewing. Bruxism generally occurs when sleeping but can also happen when awake. As a result, you may indulge in the habit without consciously being aware of it.

Grinding your teeth involves making a chewing motion to rub your teeth against each other. Clenching is when you hold your teeth together to clench your muscles without moving your teeth. You may grind or clench your teeth during the day or night, which can result from stress or other conditions.

According to research from Israel and Poland, the problem of grinding teeth when sleeping has increased from 10 to 36 percent since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Likewise, awake bruxism has risen from 17 to 32 percent. Unfortunately, no cure is available for bruxism, and it is challenging to prevent the underlying causes of this problem. However, you can overcome the adverse effects of bruxism by using a customized night guard created by dentists as a remedy for the problem.

Night Guards Explained

Night guards are retainer-like plastic appliances created from soft or hard acrylic. The device covers the biting surfaces of the teeth and is wearable on the top and bottom teeth. Every patient has different teeth patterns making it essential for the dentist to provide a custom-made appliance by moulding it to fit their teeth without discomfort or appearing bulky.

Night guards have many names, and you might hear your dentist refer to them as a mouthguard, bite splint, nocturnal bite plate, dental guard, et cetera. However, dentists refer to the same appliance that helps alleviate the symptoms you experience.

The Importance of Getting a Suitable Night Guard

  • Preventing Plaque Development: Although their names appear similar, you shouldn’t confuse the appliance between a sports mouthguard and a customized night guard. Sports mouthguards cause more harm than good for bruxism because they are designed to protect teeth from impacts. If you wear a sports mouthguard when sleeping, the chances of bacteria remaining trapped in the appliance make you susceptible to gum disease. Therefore if you are affected by bruxism, you find it beneficial to get yourself night guards in Courtice and Oshawa, ON, customized by a dentist. It is essential to realize that those night guards designed by dentists have holes to allow saliva to access your teeth and help clean them. Therefore a dentist provided night guard with a suitable design helps better depending on the condition of your teeth.
  • Prevents Bite Changes: Night Guards are generally customized explicitly for your teeth and bite because they protect your teeth surfaces from grinding against each other. Sports mouthguards are inappropriate for your condition because they are created from thicker rubber and do not fit your bite. Night guards constructed from softer material will not prevent chewing when sleeping. They might cause premature discomfort initially but will ensure your teeth don’t shift but remain in place to ensure you don’t endure bite changes.

Night Guard Versions

The Canadian Dental Association differentiates between night guards on the materials that make them. Therefore you must choose between a hard night guard helpful for treating severe teeth clenching and grinding but refrain from using over-the-counter appliances because they are pre-moulded and unsuitable to function as night guards.

You must prefer a customized night guard created explicitly for you and your dentist, using unique materials and techniques to provide a personalized fit making the appliance comfortable and durable.

If you wonder why you must consider wearing a night guard for bruxism, it helps if you realize the appliance can prevent teeth damage, jaw pain that you experience from TMJ disorders, and the headaches that constantly affect you. A customized night guard helps eliminate all the issues because it prevents teeth grinding and clenching to ensure you no longer have two tense your muscles.

If you are affected by bruxism and constantly endure headaches and jaw pain, Brightway Dental provides customized night guards to ensure you alleviate the problem besides safeguarding your teeth from damage. Consult them today to have a personalized night guard to overcome your challenges.

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