The Importance of Regular Teeth Cleaning

The Importance of Regular Teeth Cleaning

May 3, 2022

Regular teeth cleaning is important and beneficial for dental patients of all ages. Experts recommend biannual cleanings to allow your dental care team to check for cavities, scrape away tartar buildup, and give a professional polish to your teeth. Yet, there are even more reasons for patients to commit to this dental procedure twice a year.

Fresh Start for Your Teeth

Regular teeth cleaning is essential to give patients a fresh start with their oral hygiene every six months. Professional cleaning ensures that plaque and tartar buildup, causes for tooth decay, are removed from teeth and along the gumline to prevent cavities. In addition, any signs of serious tooth decay and/or gum disease can be identified during a cleaning. Once oral health problems begin, they often progress and become worse with time and inattention. Identifying any oral health issues during a cleaning allows for prompt treatment.

A fresh start with regular teeth cleaning is especially important for younger patients. Children often benefit from encouragement and/or further instruction when it comes to at-home oral hygiene habits. Regular teeth cleaning establishes a relationship between at-home hygiene and professional dental care, which helps to maintain the healthiest teeth possible for the long term.

Additional Benefits of Regular Teeth Cleaning

Most dental patients believe that their at-home oral healthcare habits are sufficient. This may cause them to question the need for a professional cleaning every six months. Unfortunately, when oral health problems begin, they are undetectable other than by a professional. Even the best brushing and flossing regimen is no substitute for in-office teeth cleaning and assessment. Dentists have the professional knowledge, experience, and tools to ensure effective teeth cleaning and proper oral healthcare.

Here are some additional benefits of regular teeth cleaning:

  • They are usually part of a full dental exam to check for oral health issues.
  • They can be a source of information for restorative and/or cosmetic dental procedures.
  • They help parents and children by emphasizing oral health as a priority.
  • They offer professional assessment of current oral health, at-home dental care habits, and any recommended improvements.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of regular teeth cleaning is that it reduces the overall number of visits to your dentist for other than routine procedures. Regular teeth cleaning is essential for preventing oral health issues that may lead to more frequent and expensive dental treatments in the future.

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