Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards in Courtice & Oshawa, Ontario

Preventing damage to your teeth and gums is optimal for long-term oral health and wellness. That’s why our dentists near you offer mouth guards in Courtice & Oshawa , ON. Our professional staff has solutions when your oral health is at risk due to playing sports. At Brightway Dental, we offer sports guards for the dental health protection of you and your family.

Sports Guards in Courtice & Oshawa

Athletes at any age are more at risk for injury and/or trauma to the mouth area. Even if you or your child are not involved in contact sports, any athletic activity increases the chances of damage to the teeth, in the form of breaks, cracks, chips, or even sudden tooth loss. That’s why it’s beneficial to wear sports guards during athletic activities as a means of protection. Sports guards can make a difference in preventing injury and the need for emergency dental treatment due to excessive oral bleeding or permanent tooth loss.

For more information about mouth guards near you, contact our dentists in Courtice & Oshawa , ON. Our entire team at Brightway Dental looks forward to helping you achieve and maintain oral health and wellness, including keeping your teeth and gums protected with mouth guards. Call us for an appointment today!

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